Altering the Construction Industry:

  • Why Lean Project Delivery creates a competitive advantage
  • How Lean is applied to the building industry & construction
  • Basic Principles and Practices to get you started on a Lean Project Delivery journey
  • Specific tools and techniques to apply within project planning and delivery to improve budget and scheduling, while maintaining the high quality and multiple requirements demanded by owners and other stakeholders

This half-day workshop is designed to introduce the concepts and business case of implementing Lean Project Delivery (LPD) practices, something we like to refer to as a team sport!

Hands-on exercises will help break down attendees’ natural resistance to change, making it a practical and entertaining way to introduce new concepts, open constructive dialogue, and demonstrate the positive aspects of well-planned directed change.

In this one-day work shop, you will be trained on the Last Planner System, a practice designed to both course-correct projects that have run off the rails, AND to plan them in a better way to avoid schedule impacts in the first place!  

You will learn how the Last Planner System improves productivity,  participate in hands on building simulations, and plan the design phase of an example project using pull planning.