I really enjoyed the presenter providing real world situations that she learned from and how she utilized peer feed back to adjust her approach. Kudos and credibility. This is a must watch for PM’s in my opinion. Awesome Job!

Great information. It showed the importance of looking at the whole life cycle early in the project by getting all stakeholder requirements. This applies to all industries.

Nicely done! One the of better presenters for PMI!!!
— projectmanagement.com attendees

I'm on a mission to engage, educate and enable people working in projects and organizations, so that their individual efforts can make a positive impact.

I aim to give planners, designers, team leads, managers, and project managers, the necessary strategies, techniques and tools, enabling them to make a difference to the outcomes of the projects, developments and change initiatives that they work on.


Over the past decade, I have presented for various groups within the mining sector, ranging from large audiences at national conferences, to medium-sized groups of university engineering students, to smaller luncheon functions for team learning or professional associations.  I have spoken frequently on mining waste management, sustainability and integration of sustainability into projects and processes.

I now focus primarily on the integration of various improvement principles and methods into projects, improving team collaboration, and engaging and empowering personnel to facilitate successful change initiatives.  

Personalized presentations and webinars can be developed based on the theme of the event, the desired message, and the audience to be engaged.  Scroll down for a list of previous speaking engagements, and read previous blog posts on similar topics here.



    • Engaging Your Team Through Change
      • Saskatoon, WIMWiN/SK Mine Your Potential Conference: October 27, 2017  Register Here!
    • The Necessary Culture for Soaring Performance


    Recorded Webinars

    • The Necessary Culture for Soaring Performance, rated @ 5.5/7, projectmanagement.com

    Leading organizations have been found to demonstrate key characteristics and capabilities. However, their practices are much more holistic than just utilizing a set of tools and analysis methods to monitor performance and correct issues. Lessons are shared from the books High-Velocity Edge, and Drive, to demonstrate what these are, and just why they work. 

    Re-recorded, free for anyone, access replay here

    • Enabling Organizational Improvement Initiatives, rated @ 5.5/7, projectmanagement.com 

    Every person, team and discipline in an organization can play a role in the facilitation of initiatives aimed at improving stakeholder support and improvements in environmental performance. These personnel need only the connection and alignment of their own roles to the proposed targets, and the opportunities to present and implement solutions and strategies within their scope. With small contributions from all team players, success can be had through alignment.

    Free with PMI membership, access replay here

    I’ve attended several webinars but this has been the best I’ve ever attended. I like how the presenter checked in on the audience engagement from time to time with surveys or “yes/no” answers in the comment boxes.

    Very informative presentation, excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation, change is the key to progress.
    — projectmanagement.com attendees
    • Leaning the Project Lifecycle, rated @ 5.5/7, projectmanagement.com

    The work of each engineering discipline plays a significant role in enabling risk avoidance and improvement in design, as well as addressing external stakeholder concerns and requirements. However, achieving success in multi-phase, extended duration projects requires distinct collaboration, coordination, and communication elements. The audience was introduced to key strategies and tools to improve the success rates of projects that involve potential environmental and societal impacts, and the approval of multiple stakeholders.

    Free with PMI membership, access replay here

    Great presentation. Worth watching!

    Interesting topic! Clever presentation of Opportunities and Challenges while introducing improvements. Lessons to Learn managing project scope and apply. Thank you!

    I enjoyed your presentation and the long term perspective to which you are asking producers and EPCs to consider during mine design and operation.

    Thanks a lot! This is an excellent point of view about how to lead a project considering the environment and social aspects.

    Informative presentation and speaker with applicability in other sectors.

    Thank you Karen for a great presentation. Leaning Project Life cycle seems a very good approach. Many projects fail to deliver benefits specially sustainability related benefits, because they do not take a holistic view and a life cycle approach.

    Good practical presentation of applying Lean concepts to managing project scope. Process Flow mapping is an effective visual tool to lay out project features and allows for brain storming exercises to identify project gaps and risks.
    — projectmanagement.com attendees

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    Past Contributions

    • How we Kickstarted a Lean Community of Practice, Lean Construction Institute of Canada Conference 2017, Hitting the Target, May 3-5, 2017
    • Extracting Value from Sunk & Presumed Costs, CIM Conference 2017, Innovative Strategies to Meet Changing Expectations, May 1-3, 2017
    • Ask the Expert Series, PMI Global Congress 2016, San Diego, September 25-27, 2016 
    • Sustainable Extraction: Environmental Initiatives for Canada’s Resource Industries, Conference Board of Canada webinar, May 18, 2016 - click on title to register for viewing
    • Demonstration of a Framework for Mine Closure and Relinquishment, representing Canada Mining Innovation Council, at Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum, Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC, May 3, 2016
    • 5 Strategies to Improve Your Project Outcomes, Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan, Annual General Meeting, Saskatoon, SK, May 6, 2016
    • Leaning the Mining Lifecycle, sessional lecture for University of Saskatchewan Civil, Geological & Environment Engineering - 4th year Design, February 24, 2016
    • Leaning into Environmental Assessment Approvals, Project Management Institute South Saskatchewan Chapter, December 17, 2015
    • A Leaner Lifecycle, Canadian Mineral Processors SK/MB, Annual Conference, November 19, 2015
    • Improving Project Outcomes through Sustainability Integration, Project Management Institute North Saskatchewan Chapter, September 8, 2015
    • 5 Strategies to Improve Your Project Outcomes, Women In Mining / Women In Nuclear SK, June 5, 2015
    • Integrating Sustainability into Projects Design, University of Saskatchewan Civil, Geological & Environment Engineering - 4th year Design, February 25, 2015
    • Integrating Sustainability into Mining Design, University of Saskatchewan Mining Engineering, March, 2014 
    At the Canadian Mineral Processors regional conference, Karen made a strong case for thinking holistically about the project lifecycle. She clearly and concisely presented the benefits of collaboration to improve project outcomes. The audience was well engaged, posing many questions and comments for her at the conclusion.
    — Lorne Schwartz, Conference Coordinator
    Our membership liked the presentation and I could tell it provoked thought from those that attended.

    Karen spoke very well & knowledgeable on the topic...nice to have the group work.
    — PMI North Saskatchewan attendees
    Ms. Chovan recently prepared and delivered a terrific presentation about ways to improve performance and approval rates of complex industrial projects to women in the mining and nuclear industries in Saskatoon.

    Well organized and a great presenter!
    — WIMWiN SK attendees
    The overall impacts of projects are not a focus in school, so it was valuable to have a presentation that reminded us to be aware of our actions.

    Made me think about sustainability as a whole...applicable to the engineering concepts of any business...very important to our careers!
    — University of Saskatchewan students