Karen is fantastic at taking initiative on projects to deliver high ROI results, and has an incredible ability to present business cases for investments, to maximize results with minimal costs. When she delivers a proposal, I can always trust her recommendations!

Karen is deeply passionate about her work, is able to anticipate what’s coming down the road, and has a great ability to inspire others to engage for causes she believes positively impact the company, community and the environment.

She is intelligently trustworthy and her work is always top notch in quality.
— Co-Owner, Missinipi Water Solutions Inc.

It is the perfect time

To review and strategize how to improve design and project management.

To look for opportunities to streamline and lower the costs of project evaluation, application and development.

To find better ways of addressing risks, to optimizing operational processes, and to ultimately "Lean" future developments.

And to ensure stakeholder buy-in and support of said developments.

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At Enviro Integration Strategies, we aim to provide the strategies, techniques and tools, so that you can make a difference to the outcomes of your projects, and so that your efforts can make a positive impact on success, without always having to look to external support or a corporate initiative to make improvements.

Have a glimpse of my training style with this free webinar:


Altering the Construction Industry:

  • Why Lean Project Delivery creates a competitive advantage
  • How Lean is applied to the building industry & construction
  • Basic Principles and Practices to get you started on a Lean Project Delivery journey
  • Specific tools and techniques to apply within project planning and delivery to improve budget and scheduling, while maintaining the high quality and multiple requirements demanded by owners and other stakeholders

This half-day workshop will help break down employees’ natural resistance to change, making it a practical and entertaining way to introduce new concepts, open constructive dialogue, and demonstrate the positive aspects of well-planned directed change.

In this one-day work shop, you will be trained on the Last Planner System, a practice designed to both course-correct projects that have run off the rails, AND to plan them in a better way to avoid schedule impacts in the first place!  

You will learn how the Last Planner System improves productivity,  participate in hands on building simulations, and plan the design phase of an example project using pull planning.

Green Project Management -

Driving Sustainable Business Change

Announcing a new partnership with GPM-Global, to bring new training to Canada!

This is a program that recognizes and builds upon existing PM training and certifications, as well as stands on its own. GPM's principles are derived from the UN Global Compact's Ten Principles, Earth Charter, and ISO:26000, Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility.

GPM Global is a sustainability-centred, certified social enterprise whose mission is to decouple socio-environmental degradation from economic growth through change delivery by:

  • Advancing awareness of responsible management practices in support sustainable development on a global scale, through our partner network that spans over 145 countries.
  • Supporting the adoption and implementation of the UN Global Compact’s ten principles.
  • Advocating for project management’s role in responsible management education as a UN PRME supporting organization.
  • Providing products and services that provide business value through the integration of sustainable methods and change delivery.

Specializing in sustainable approaches to portfolio, program, and project management by improving delivery capability without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, the following training programs are coming in the fall:

P5™ Impact Analysis - Holistic Decision Making for Options Analysis

A P5 impact analysis is typically performed during the initiation phase of a project according to GPM’s PRiSM methodology. The objective is to define and prioritize sustainability risks and opportunities from a 360° standpoint to improve the project’s value, inclusively analyzing the impacts to the environment, society and economy, as well as the alignment to the organization’s strategy.

The output gives key decision makers across functions the actionable information they need to justify changes to the project scope in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

For this one day workshop, P5 impact analysis will be introduced, and then presented as a tool to utilize in comparing various project component options, to facilitate making decisions and recommendations for the best possible outcomes of a project, aligned with the 5Ps: People, Planet, Profit, Process and Product

PRiSM™ Practitioner

PRiSM Practitioner is designed to deepen understanding and improve competence in project management using an andragogical (adult learning) model.

As a 6-day hands-on project management and sustainability training course, individuals are prepared to improve the way they view, approach, manage and drive projects by blending instruction with in-class case studies; using real world examples that bring project management to life in a manner that not only meets the needs of business in today’s economy but also accounts for the needs of society and the environment.

Upon completion, participants will have the confidence and know-how to fully put the PRiSM project methodology into practice and increase their value as project managers.

This course will also prepare the participant for the GPM-b Certification exam. It is not designed as a boot camp and instructors do not teach to the test. 

PRiSM™ Foundations

PRISM Foundations provides a 3-day course that teaches project management best practices, sustainability principles and governance in order to maximize value.

The course introduces the need to align benefits with strategic objectives to ensure that each project positions the organization for long-term growth and success through positive impacts to the economic, environmental, and social bottom lines.

This course is perfect for individuals who have experience in project management, governance, or organizational management.

Participants may qualify for the GPM-b Certification exam if they meet the requirements for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Supporting Materials Provided through the Courses

  • The Association for Project Management (APM) Body of Knowledge
  • The UN Post-2015 Business Engagement Architecture
  • The IPMA® International Competence Baseline V3
  • The UN Global Compact Ten Principles
  • The GRI G4 Reporting Framework
  • The UN Post 2015 Business Engagement Architecture
  • ISO Standards from a project management perspective including:
  • ISO 21500 Guidance on Project Management
  • ISO 50001 The Energy Management Standard
  • ISO 14001 The Environmental Management Standard
  • ISO 9001 Principles of Quality Management
  • ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • ISO 55000 Asset Management

 All course participants receive a complimentary one-year membership to GPM’s member website that includes eBooks, templates, standards, and practice exams for the GPM-b Certification. 


  • Collaborative team building - trust, communications, rules of engagement, collaboration, holistic thinking
  • Front-end project planning - objectives, risks and stakeholders identification, requirements gathering, scope definition
  • Workshop facilitation - brainstorming, understanding interdependencies, gaining alignment, project kick-offs