Are grand goals really just wishful thinking?

People often think that grand goals, major change initiatives - especially the ones that require collaborative action from multiple people around the world - will never come to fruition.  They believe they are just too far-reaching, too unattainable - and so they don't even try - to believe, to contribute, to promote progression toward that goal.

I am not one of those people.  I believe that all goals are attainable, and all it takes is a starting point and a few passionate souls.  Those first few initiators, the tiny baby steps in taking action, moving forward.  Take the baby step of a few, promote and grow.  Engage more people, who then take further baby steps of their own.  Soon you can add up the small contributions of many, and realize that major traction has been made.  Continue down this path, and a tipping point is eventually reached, where so much is happening at once, and huge gains have been made - and you realize that you've reached that goal!

And now you can take that goal post and move it even further, further than you ever thought possible before you began!

A friend recently sent to me a suitable quote from Beth Clark:

"I've noticed something about people who make a difference in the world: They hold the unshakable conviction that individuals are extremely important, that every life matters. They get excited over one smile. They are willing to feed one stomach, educate one mind, and treat one wound. They aren't determined to revolutionize the world all at once: they're satisfied with small changes. Over time, though, the small changes add up. Sometimes they even transform cities and nations, and yes, the world."

Individuals are extremely important - every life does matter - for each and every one of us can make choices to make a difference.  Every baby step counts.

I, myself, am aiming to influence how industry develops and operates in the future, to ensure our earth's inhabitants and use of resources remain in balance.  I'm working to bring better collaboration and innovative design applications to fruition, to help solve some of the world's environmental challenges, and prevent more from occurring.  I'm hoping to work with people with similar passions, bright minds and ideas to bring forward.

Are you one of those individuals that will help bring positive change in the world?  What "one wound" are you aware of that needs attention, that you could perhaps investigate and help remediate, repair?  Can you educate one mind, or possibly many?  What small (or maybe large!) actions are you taking to reach a particular goal?  

Share what your passions are, and some things you are doing today in this complex world!