I jumped out of bed for THIS?

I jumped out of bed for THIS?

I have been working in industry for 20 years now, over which time I’ve seen a few things shift.  The awareness and outcry of our non-industry stakeholders of the need for environmental protection, and the response by regulators and industry alike, to step up their game, to develop and abide by standards designed to reduce risks and impacts to people and the environment. 

Industry has come a long way since I began on this journey.  And at the same time, I feel there is much more work to be done.  

Are grand goals really just wishful thinking?

People often think that grand goals, major change initiatives - especially the ones that require collaborative action from multiple people around the world - will never come to fruition.  They believe they are just too far-reaching, too unattainable - and so they don't even try - to believe, to contribute, to promote progression toward that goal.

I am not one of those people.  I believe that all goals are attainable, and all it takes is a starting point and a few passionate souls...