Gaining the support and buy-in from your internal stakeholders can be a difficult thing. Your teams see change as extra work, a passing initiative that might be replaced with another in a few years, or worse, they can't see how their contribution fits into the big picture, so they don't put much effort into it.


Coaching to Improve strategy & Performance

Why not give yourself an edge, develop your skills as a leader, and obtain support to embed lean and sustainability goals and improvement plans into business operations, strategic planning, and decision making? We can help you: 

  • Discover and set realistic improvement targets
  • Speed the buy-in and implementation of change 
  • Co-develop strategies and tools to achieve improvement targets
  • Avoid or reduce environmental risks and long term liabilities

We apply a unique approach to facilitate and expedite the improvement of environmental performance in industry, targeted where it matters the most - corporate strategy, business and change initiative implementation, and front-end project planning. 

Karen supported site with numerous environmental projects, including facilitating a team to clarify the direction for a project to reclaim the existing above ground tailings facility.

Karen’s management helped unite managers and experts from various internal and external sources toward a clear objective, and to keep our desired trust with our community and regulatory agencies. Her proposed options helped us to do this with lowest cost possible and avoided us spending potentially millions of dollars if this project was not managed well while delivering results for our stakeholders and caring for the environment.
— General Manager, Cameco Corporation


We offer consulting to facilitate integration of Sustainability aspects, Lean processes, Environmental Assessment processes, and Stakeholder requirements into project management, development designs and schedules.  

  • Improve process of scope definition & requirements gathering
  • Avoid or reduce environmental risks and long term liabilities  
  • Streamline project and approval schedules

We'd love the opportunity to shape and influence future projects through early involvement and education of planners, designers and up-and-coming professionals will enforce the changes necessary for a successful development future, those changes being increased environmental awareness, innovation, collaboration and stakeholder engagement.  

Whether you are starting from scratch, or just needing a little help along the way, 


    Karen worked with me for several years during my tenure as Cameco’s Vice President Environmental Leadership. Our group was established to move the company and its operating sites to breakthrough environmental performance and to build and sustain the necessary stakeholder trust to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of our business.

    Karen is very bright and was a valued and dedicated member of our team. She not only brought her significant geotechnical knowledge and experience to our team, she was fun to work with. She was always willing to challenge conventional thinking on a whole range of environmental performance and sustainability issues and convince others of what might be possible.

    She is also a very grounded person and brought a practical dimension to our team as we explored what might be possible. She understood that it was necessary to find the sweet spot, where driving for breakthrough environmental performance would also contribute to the overall growth and success of our business.

    I wish her success in her future endeavours, and would highly recommend her to prospective employers and/or clients.
    — Jamie McIntyre, Retired Cameco Vice President