Finding solutions to environmental problems, facilitating change in complex operational environments, and bringing efficiency to multi-disciplined inter-related project work are the foundations of our work. We thrive on digging into these challenges, and you can count on us to stick by your side until they are solved.

Through our experiences, we’ve come to understand that when you start working on big problems involving many players, it can be tough to get all your stakeholders on the same page, particularly when everyone (typically) works in silos. We’ve done a lot of work, and continue to develop efficient and effective ways to bring diverse minds together to collaboratively figure things out!

Enviro Integration Strategies is focused on helping leaders to rapidly integrate sustainable choices and practices into mining designs and operations. Taking a collaborative approach, and working with your teams, together we'll reduce your social and environmental risks through innovation, and find value in applied change, ensuring resilient, sustainable practices become your company’s norm.

Supporting You With…

Organizational Change

We bring a fresh set of eyes to help you identify key risks and improvement opportunities, to align your teams’ diverse expertise and ideas, and to develop integrated strategies to move forward.

We work with leaders to break down silos and engage multi-disciplinary teams. We will help catalyze and facilitate the rapid improvement of your organization’s sustainability performance.

Tailings Management

Tailings are one of the industry’s greatest risks. With their complexity, and so many teams managing different, but integrated, risks for these systems, you want to be sure you’ve covered all your bases. Are your facilities safe?

We help your teams to fully appreciate the complexity of your system’s risks and their interactions, and to understand and take ownership of their specific responsibilities, to safely manage your tailings management systems.

Collaboration Facilitation

When you have some big ideas that would support better environmental performance in mining, but you’re stuck on how to get it started. Or maybe you know what you need to do, but don’t have all the connections.

We can help you strategize and develop the scope and stakeholder network required for the shift that you’d like to make!


Why Enviro Integration Strategies

After 20 years in mining, our founder has gained a breadth of experience and knowledge working as a geological engineer and project manager, with a lot of time spent in tailings dam construction and management, mine waste and closure planning. She has also worked as an organizational change agent helping teams to solve environmental problems, avoid risks in future major projects, and create programs and protocols to improve performance within the sustainability realm. From problem identification, all the way through to change implementation, Karen has helped teams get to the other side, and she has a very large network to find any unique support the project might need to get there.


Read on about how EIS can support your efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

I worked with Karen for 8 years. When I gave her a project, I knew it would get done. She has incredible tenacity to overcome obstacles to get the job done right!

The impact of our projects were often worth millions of dollars. With Karen on the project, we would also often have positive environmental impact. She has the ability to look at various options and focus on the option that would get us desired results. Wrong options could have cost us millions of dollars, so it was important for Karen to focus on the right options towards our desired results.

While Karen drives to result, once she gets it, she happily shares credit with others. I trust her as a manager who can deliver results. I welcome her call any time and would recommend her to any executive who wants to overcome obstacles and achieve results.
— Brent Berg, Past President, Cameco Resources