On its own, EIS offers strategic improvement insights and strategies for improving your teams' engagement and collaboration to make sustainability improvements throughout your business. However, drawing on our large network of specialists in industry (and out), we are able to bring a lot more to the table in terms of solving specific challenges. These are just a few of the organizations we work alongside, and otherwise draw knowledge and experience from, as needed.

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Collaborators & Connections

EOD Consulting is focused on connecting the right solutions to the right industries, creating strategic partnerships to solve current industry challenges at an accelerated pace. Together, we facilitate the matching and implementation of innovative solutions through engagement with SME’s, startups, mining companies, associations, and technology corporations. By leveraging industry relationships, this helps address current needs within industry and expedite sustainable product growth for newer solutions.

Shift2Lean Inc. is committed to delivering Value for clients through the implementation of Lean Project Delivery strategies. Together, we believe that lean applies to all project delivery models, as productivity and collaborative team work enable exceptional projects.  

Women on the Move’s “Artemis Project” is a national accelerator platform designed specifically for women-owned businesses in the mining sector. The program includes a large network of diverse and complementary professional services and supplies. Together, we are able to collaborate on projects, supporting the mining industry on a broader scale, and bringing diversity to the mining sector supply chain.

The “Women Leaders in Mining Advisory” team of PowHERHouse Media Group is a national women’s accelerator platform, designed to help women develop leadership skills and visibility across Canada. PowHERHouse was built to last and has grown into a national brand with a solid reputation offering live events, publications and partnerships to help build strong women who lead. 

Lean Built Environment - Afrika (LBE-Afrika) is a registered non-profit organization creating creative capacity in design and construction. Founded in 2018, LBE-Afrika shares their knowledge and practices of Lean Design and Construction in the African business and built environment domain.

GPM Global (Green Project Management) recognizes and builds upon existing Project Management training and certifications, as well as stands on its own. GPM's principles are derived from the UN Global Compact's Ten Principles, Earth Charter, and ISO:26000, Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Become an Affiliate

This is an open invite to like-minded consultants, technological providers, developers and research entities to collaborate. If you are a solution provider and would like to work together, please send us some information to discuss further.

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