Karen and I worked on 2 multibillion dollar company-critical projects necessary for keeping our doors open.

1. Our first project was at Syncrude Canada, a joint venture which includes 25% ownership by Imperial Oil. Karen defined the trusted strategic plan, helping us secure our budget with Senior Management. With 270,000 barrels/day of oil on the line, failure would have cost us billions. She got her hands dirty to go into the field and execute on the plan until we succeeded!

2. In our second project, we supported the largest mining operation of Cameco worth $400 Million dollars annually. Karen and I secured regulatory agencies trust and approval for licensing needed to safely continue our operations.

Karen’s greatest strengths were in her ability to leave no stone unturned to show due diligence for trusted research. Karen’s genuine care for the environment shows at every level!

She is passionate, and has an incredible ability to logically put together the trusted plan for Senior Management to easily approve projects. Extremely organized, I can always trust her management of a project.
— Director, Operations - Canada's Largest Diversified Resource Company
Karen worked with me for several years during my tenure as Cameco’s Vice President Environmental Leadership. Our group was established to move the company and its operating sites to breakthrough environmental performance and to build and sustain the necessary stakeholder trust to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of our business.

Karen is very bright and was a valued and dedicated member of our team. She not only brought her significant geotechnical knowledge and experience to our team, she was fun to work with. She was always willing to challenge conventional thinking on a whole range of environmental performance and sustainability issues and convince others of what might be possible.

She is also a very grounded person and brought a practical dimension to our team as we explored what might be possible. She understood that it was necessary to find the sweet spot, where driving for breakthrough environmental performance would also contribute to the overall growth and success of our business.

I wish her success in her future endeavours, and would highly recommend her to prospective employers and/or clients.
— Jamie McIntyre, Retired Vice President, Cameco Corporation
I worked with Karen for 8 years. When I gave her a project, I knew it would get done. She has incredible tenacity to overcome obstacles to get the job done right!

The impact of our projects were often worth millions of dollars. With Karen on the project, we would also often have positive environmental impact. She has the ability to look at various options and focus on the option that would get us desired results. Wrong options could have cost us millions of dollars, so it was important for Karen to focus on the right options towards our desired results.

While Karen drives to result, once she gets it, she happily shares credit with others. I trust her as a manager who can deliver results. I welcome her call any time and would recommend her to any executive who wants to overcome obstacles and achieve results.
— Brent Berg, Past President, Cameco Resources
Karen supported site with numerous environmental projects, including facilitating a team to clarify the direction for a project to reclaim the existing above ground tailings facility.

Karen’s management helped unite managers and experts from various internal and external sources toward a clear objective, and to keep our desired trust with our community and regulatory agencies. Her proposed options helped us to do this with lowest cost possible and avoided us spending potentially millions of dollars if this project was not managed well while delivering results for our stakeholders and caring for the environment.
— General Manager, Cameco Corporations
I worked with Karen for 2-3 years on the Environmental Stewardship Committee of the Canada Mining Innovation Council. As the past Chair of the initiative, I remain impressed by Karen’s dedication to our team, both as a team member and a team leader. Her contributions to the group are well planned and well thought out and she contributes to the team by inspiring others with the depth of her understanding and willingness to support our objectives. Karen’s contributions to the team are part of the reason we are successful and I welcome her contributions and counsel. She is a true leader on our team.
— Dr. Mark Thorpe, Chair, Environmental Stewardship Initiative, Canada Mining Innovation Council
Karen has an incredible ability to present business cases for investments, to maximize results with minimal costs. When she delivers a proposal, I can always trust her recommendations!

Karen is deeply passionate about her work, is able to anticipate what’s coming down the road, and has a great ability to inspire others to engage for causes she believes positively impact the company, community and the environment.

She is intelligently trustworthy and her work is always top notch in quality.
— Sarah Gauthier, Co-Owner, Missinipi Water Solutions Inc.
Karen has a lot of passion for her work and can always be relied upon to deliver high quality results in a timely fashion.
— Harvey Seto, Director, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
At the Canadian Mineral Processors regional conference, Karen made a strong case for thinking holistically about the project lifecycle. She clearly and concisely presented the benefits of collaboration to improve project outcomes. The audience was well engaged, posing many questions and comments for her at the conclusion.
— Lorne Schwartz, Conference Coordinator
The overall impacts of projects are not a focus in school, so it was valuable to have a presentation that reminded us to be aware of our actions.

Made me think about sustainability as a whole...applicable to the engineering concepts of any business...very important to our careers!
— University of Saskatchewan students
I’ve attended several webinars but this has been the best I’ve ever attended. I like how the presenter checked in on the audience engagement from time to time with surveys or “yes/no” answers in the comment boxes.

Very informative presentation, excellent presentation!

Excellent presentation, change is the key to progress.
— projectmanagement.com attendees