To help your workforce understand how they can make a difference when it comes to sustainability.

To help them discover new ways to improve performance within your organization.

To find better ways of addressing risks, to optimize operational processes, and to streamline future projects.

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We believe that the more your workforce knows about sustainability, and the ways in which their work directly or indirectly ties to social and environmental performance, the better your company will perform. Your employees want to know they can make a difference - a broader impact, and they want their company to succeed. If you give them the knowledge and the tools they need to do this?

You will see gains in the long run, and it will make them proud of being a part of your organization.

Based on Sustainability and Lean principles, various exercises and techniques can be introduced such that individuals become more empowered in their roles, and teams learn how to successfully utilize collaborative, iterative approaches to assess ideas, solve problems, and plan work to advance their chosen projects.

Team engagement and development plans will be created based upon the needs of the team and organization. Some of the focus areas we cover are described below.


Soaring Performance

"I just finished listening to your webinar... It has been the most useful webinar I have listened to thus far."


Leaning the Lifecycle

"A must watch for PM’s...real world situations, utilizing peer feed back to adjust approach. Kudos and credibility."


Reducing Risks with Project Visualization

Discover methods to help engage your stakeholders to work through complexity and identify your relevant project risks, requirements and scope to address the multiple objectives that mining projects now balance.


360 Options Analyses & Selection

Define and prioritize sustainability risks and opportunities from a 360° standpoint to improve a project’s value, inclusively analyzing the impacts to the environment, society, organizational strategy, and economy.

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Team Collaboration

Team building & Problem solving: Setting vision, establishing trust, opening communications & collaboration to understand challenges & find solutions fast


Lean Project Delivery

Learn about Lean tools, techniques and the minimum requirements in team culture to improve your project planning, budgeting, scheduling and delivery rates for success.

Karen has an incredible ability to maximize results with minimal costs.

Karen is deeply passionate about her work, is able to anticipate what’s coming down the road, and has a great ability to inspire others to engage for causes she believes positively impact the company, community and the environment.

She is intelligently trustworthy and her work is always top notch in quality.
— Sarah Gauthier, Co-Owner, Missinipi Water Solutions Inc.

We speak frequently on the topic of team development, the power of collaboration, diversity of thought, and the benefits of applying Lean processes to team work. For more information on that, please review our history of speaking engagements.