It is the perfect time

To review and strategize how to improve design and project management.

To look for opportunities to streamline and lower the costs of project evaluation, application and development.

To find better ways of addressing risks, to optimizing operational processes, and to ultimately "Lean" future developments.

And to ensure stakeholder buy-in and support of said developments.

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At Enviro Integration Strategies, we aim to advise and provide you with strategies, techniques and tools, so that your efforts can make always make a positive impact on project & business success, without always having to look to external support to make improvements.


Soaring Performance


"I just finished listening to your webinar... It has been the most useful webinar I have listened to thus far."


Leaning the Lifecycle Webinar


"A must watch for PM’s...real world situations, utilizing peer feed back to adjust approach. Kudos and credibility." 


Project Visualization to Reduce Mining Risks

Discover methods to help engage your stakeholders to work through complexity and identify your relevant project risks, requirements and scope to address the multiple objectives that mining projects now balance.

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Holistic Decision Making & Options Analyses

Define and prioritize sustainability risks and opportunities from a 360° standpoint to improve a project’s value, inclusively analyzing the impacts to the environment, society, organizational strategy, and economy.

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Team Collaboration

Team building & Problem solving:  Setting vision, establishing trust, opening communications & collaboration to understand challenges & find solutions fast


Lean Project Delivery

Learn about Lean tools, techniques and the minimum requirements in team culture to improve your project planning, budgeting, scheduling and delivery rates of success

Karen has an incredible ability to maximize results with minimal costs. When she delivers a proposal, I can always trust her recommendations!

Karen is deeply passionate about her work, is able to anticipate what’s coming down the road, and has a great ability to inspire others to engage for causes she believes positively impact the company, community and the environment.

She is intelligently trustworthy and her work is always top notch in quality.
— Sarah Gauthier, Co-Owner, Missinipi Water Solutions Inc.