Why Enviro Integration Strategies?


We’re on a mission to drastically improve the way industrial developments and projects are planned, designed and operated.


The best solutions to any complex challenge involves a strong network of diverse thinking, knowledge, and healthy conflict, and the ability for teams and stakeholders to work together effectively and efficiently.  

With a strong Lean core, collaborative processes are used to draw out critical points, patterns, and flow of the big picture, to spot potential risks and opportunities associated with your work. 

We work with the teams to help create value, or recognize value where others may see only cost, all in a streamlined and effective method of delivery, by:


Working with leaders and organizational teams

in organizational change, strategic thinking, sustainability integration,

program improvement initiatives, opportunities identification and more, in the industrial sector.


Training and applying Lean processes

to project planning and delivery into large construction developments,

successfully utilizing extensive collaborative, iterative approaches.


Coaching to develop professionals 

in communications, team building, and stakeholder engagement. 



  • A fresh perspective on improvement opportunities, stemming from a broad environmental knowledge base,

  • A strategic, systems thinking approach, aligning project objectives with the big picture,

  • A consistent and preferential practice of inquiry, inclusion and collaboration in goal setting, planning and problem solving, 

  • Positive facilitation of workshops, with the ability to bring alignment and collaboration to teams derived from typically-siloed operations and departments,

  • Ease in working with all levels of an organization, with both corporate and site experience, 

  • Flexible and organized planning and management skills,

  • Excellent capabilities in data mining, analysis and correlation, great for opportunity identification, root cause analysis and solution finding, and

  • The benefits of continuous learning and a drive to develop and empower all those we work with.


Enviro Integration Strategies is owned and operated by Karen Chovan, an engineer, project manager, and sustainability change agent, who has successfully collaborated and shared her knowledge to help the industrial world improve their practices and performance. Click here to view our collaboration network.

Will yours be the next challenge we take on?