To facilitate the elimination of all risks and impacts associated with mining-related activities, the repair of damages of historic practices - nature restored, and the integration of sustainability into all business processes and designs. 

We all know that environmental regulations and stakeholder engagement requirements have become more stringent, and many extractive companies are taking action to alter practices, mitigate risks, and do the right thing.  

Unfortunately, industry still has an historic reputation for causing significant environmental impacts, as well as major recent failures of waste facilities - creating black marks on our record, for lack of a better phrase. The general public continues to drive the industry to greater and greater performance, pushing for improvements and transparency. Many want resource development to stop entirely.

All of this clashes with the ever-increasing populations' growing demands for new technologies and consumption of shortened-life products - items that require the development and consumption of natural resources. It is a catch-22.

But industry can put some stability into this delicate balancing act. You have the power to make significant shifts - with game-changing technologies and a new view in business philosophy - all the while maintaining industry benefits, and even improving your bottom line.  

That said, it is well known that change can be extremely difficult, particularly on a large scale. So, let us help you and your teams. Together, we can work together to provide for our future generations while better protecting our environment, for now and into the foreseeable future!


To help leaders engage and activate their teams, to drastically reduce risks and improve industrial development plans, designs and operations, and facilitate powerful, sustainable shifts in mining.

Our aim is to give you the support you need, whether you are an executive leader, a manager, a project managers, or a member of a multi-disciplinary team. We will help you find the most applicable strategies, techniques, technologies and tools to make a difference to the outcomes of your projects, developments and change initiatives. 

Karen worked with me for several years during my tenure as Cameco’s Vice President Environmental Leadership. Our group was established to move the company and its operating sites to breakthrough environmental performance and to build and sustain the necessary stakeholder trust to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of our business.

Karen is very bright and was a valued and dedicated member of our team. She not only brought her significant geotechnical knowledge and experience to our team, she was fun to work with. She was always willing to challenge conventional thinking on a whole range of environmental performance and sustainability issues and convince others of what might be possible.

She is also a very grounded person and brought a practical dimension to our team as we explored what might be possible. She understood that it was necessary to find the sweet spot, where driving for breakthrough environmental performance would also contribute to the overall growth and success of our business.

I wish her success in her future endeavours, and would highly recommend her to prospective employers and/or clients.
— Jamie McIntyre, Retired Vice President, Cameco Corporation
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Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals

We are strong believers in the power of the collective - through diversity and inclusive engagement, we can move forward much farther and faster towards our goals. In alignment with SDG 17, we will always look for partnerships, and help to facilitate other collaborations, to achieve gains in sustainability.

We are extremely motivated to see the end of environmental risks and impacts associated with mining. One of the core areas that causes such impacts is tailings and mine wastes - and for most sites, this equates to the majority of materials that mining moves - always in the high 90’s percentile. Managed incorrectly or insufficiently, these wastes can have impacts on land, water, sub-surface aquifers, air quality, and of course biodiversity of all living things within the vicinity. On the other hand, with proper management, these challenges can disappear.

With new visions, appropriate evaluation and technological developments, there are possibilities for alternate use of these materials - creating new products, driving local economic and infrastructure development while repairing past damages, and even preventing impacts from occurring in the first place. In alignment with SDGs 9, 11 and 12, we are collaborating to advance solutions towards the elimination of mine wastes. In alignment with SDGs 6, 7, 14 and 15, EIS will facilitate improvements in all of these areas through direct preventative work, as well as through collaborations with suppliers providing specific technologies or services to create positive change in these environmental indicators.

Through advisory efforts, all of our work will bring benefits with respect to SDG 13, on Climate Action.

By facilitating improvements in environmental performance, and by ensuring that stakeholders are engaged in project plans and developments, by ensuring the related concerns of local stakeholders are integrated into recommended solutions, and by facilitating collaborations with local business providers or the development of local capabilities to do so, the work of EIS and its collaborators aims to address each of the SDGs on the social side: 1, 2, 8 and 16.

Finally, we will always facilitate transparency, inclusivity and collaboration, and provide direction for improving employee & stakeholder engagement and relationship developments. Through this work, EIS supports achieving SDGs 5, 8 and 10.


Practice with integrity, focus on enhancing business value and credibility, supporting responsible developers and operators. In all that we do, we practice:

LEAN. Value, Efficiency, Collaboration.

GREEN. Environment-wise, Circular, Sustainable.

CLEAN. Ethical, Inclusive, Transparent, Forthright.

Karen has a lot of passion for her work and can always be relied upon to deliver high quality results in a timely fashion.
— Harvey Seto, Director, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories