I am a problem solver.

It is the one thing that has remained consistent throughout my career - the bigger the problem, the more appealing, and throw an environmental challenge on top of that? Heaven.

But when it comes to big problems, a one-person show is never the answer - which leads to my second passion:

Bringing diverse minds together to figure these things out!

I’ve worked in mining, and on mining projects for the past 20 years, as a geological engineer and project manager involved with tailings dam construction and management, mine waste and closure planning, and as an organizational change agent involved with sustainability integration. From problem identification, all the way through to change implementation, I can help you out.

I offer strategic improvement insights and strategies for your teams' engagement, collaboration and performance to make improvements throughout your business.

Let me be your catalyst to leading bold, sustainability-founded step-change.

LEAN. Value, Efficiency, Collaboration.

GREEN.  Environment - wise, Circular, Sustainable.

CLEAN.  Ethical, Inclusive, Transparent, Forthright.


Find out how Trade-Offs can become a thing of the past!


Did you Know?

The best solutions to any challenge involves diverse thinking, inclusive dialogue, and an ability for your team and stakeholders to align and work together effectively and efficiently.

Your teams Have many answers... the questions are

do they have a voice, will they speak up & Will they work Together? 


I've worked with several diverse teams to investigate complex challenges, to discover optimal solutions, and to improve business outcomes.

I can help you out too.


I worked with Karen for 8 years. When I gave her a project, I knew it would get done. She has incredible tenacity to overcome obstacles to get the job done right!

The impact of our projects were often worth millions of dollars. With Karen on the project, we would also often have positive environmental impact. She has the ability to look at various options and focus on the option that would get us desired results. Wrong options could have cost us millions of dollars, so it was important for Karen to focus on the right options towards our desired results.

While Karen drives to result, once she gets it, she happily shares credit with others. I trust her as a manager who can deliver results. I welcome her call any time and would recommend her to any executive who wants to overcome obstacles and achieve results.
— Brent Berg, Past-President, Cameco Resources

What Can You Expect?

A means for improved inclusivity and collaboration amongst teams, 

direction for improving employee & stakeholder engagement,

and an ease with change adoption.