Over the past 5 years there have been several large scale failures with significant environmental damage and financial impacts. Over the longer term, industry typically sees failures of tailings infrastructures on an average of 2-2.5 per year - this nearly 10x greater a failure rate than conventional water containment facilities. None of this is acceptable, and investors and general society alike are taking a stand.

With the last major tailings dam failure in Brazil, the industry set a new record for fatalities, and caused catastrophic impacts to the downstream environment, drawing significant attention from the global investment community and general society too. Finally, the scale has tipped and more attention is being paid to our waste management practices.

Increased transparency is in demand, global standards are being developed for the management of our infrastructure, and the technical mining community is coming together to look for alternative solutions, pushing for stabler wastes, or waste elimination altogether.

With our past experience founded in tailings and mine waste management, from siting and concept through to closure planning, we can help your organization take a deeper look at the risks that you face, and take action to address them.

Our Process

We apply a unique approach to facilitate the assessment of your current tailings management systems. We will work directly with your teams, engaging them to gain an understanding of the complexity of risks and interdependencies of the system that they are managing, in order to co-develop improved management strategies.

From identifying risks and their links between each other, understanding controls and surveillance requirements, determining roles and responsibilities of appropriate managers and operators, and to facilitating development of operating, maintenance and surveillance programs, we can help.

More information to come… for now, if you’d like some help on this matter, give us a call!