Global Reporting Initiative Tracking & Reporting System

As a component of the Environmental Leadership Program with Cameco Corporation, I was involved in the engagement of all operating sites with regard to compiling relevant environmental performance data that would support tracking performance against achieving corporate goals established for reaching Environmental Leadership in the industry.

  • Engagement with operations to understand existing environmental data reporting requirements and systems, in support of regulatory reporting
  • Collection and compilation of several years of performance data, to assess trends in performance, and to identify appropriate material and relevant indicators within the Global Reporting Initiative scope
  • Determination of relevant missing information, and engagement with sites to establish mechanisms to collect and report on material information
  • Creation of site data reporting templates and streamlined compilation/calculation mechanisms to avoid duplication of reporting by sites, for multiple purposes
  • Creation of corporate compilation system, to streamline reporting on performance against corporate goals for Environmental Leadership program
  • Quarterly and annual reporting of performance data, internally and externally.