Sustainability Integration Initiative

Over several years working with Cameco Corporation, I was involved in the development and implementation of the Environmental Leadership Program. The program extended to all of Cameco's operating sites, it's corporate offices, and also future projects in the Major Projects portfolio.

  • Integration of long-term goals and the concepts of sustainability, continuous improvement, and life-cycle analysis into planning, design, and operational management

  • Development of environmental data tracking system

  • Responsible for corporate compilation, quality assurance, and internal and external reporting of operational environmental performance data and trends

  • Planning and execution of improvement opportunity studies for air pollution abatement, waste management and diversion, and water management studies

  • Facilitation of cross-functional problem-solving workshops on waste management challenges

  • Development and integration of operational environmental strategic plans 

  • Oversight review of major project design proposals and projects, and working with multi-disciplined engineering teams to identify alternative, innovative and more earth-friendly and efficient technologies and operational methodologies to assess within new project designs, to reduce future environmental impacts and financial liabilities.