Karen Chovan, Founder & Principal

Over the past 20 years, I have worked in the mining industry, helping operations avoid spending millions of dollars, while reducing risks to the environment, and increasing regulatory and community trust in their organizations.

Through my experiences in geological engineering, field construction, project management, and organizational change, I have been exposed to a very broad range of projects. I’ve been involved with reviewing and improving operational functions, and addressing environmental issues for small and large projects, including proposals for new mine developments.

Some of the primary skills that I’ve developed over the years include:

  • engagement and assembly of multi-disciplinary teams and stakeholders, each with its own distinct challenges, priorities and concerns, to focus and align on shifting organizational goals and solving unique problems,

  • working on collective challenges with integrated and/or parallel business units, as well as remote and geographically dispersed operations, and

  • helping others to understand and connect with the big picture, to spot risks and barriers, to identify potential alternatives and improvement opportunities.

Trusted and recommended as a manager who can and has delivered results, with "a tenacity to overcome obstacles and facilitate finding the right solutions," I would hope you would view me as a go-to person to help solve your complex challenges and achieve transformational change.

But in choosing to work with me, I offer a little warning, because I have a passion for promoting positive change in mining, and I’m not afraid to raise my voice, be a little controversial, and poke people or organizations into taking action. Be ready for it!

Karen and I worked on 2 multibillion dollar company-critical projects necessary for keeping our doors open.

1. Our first project was at Syncrude Canada, a joint venture which includes 25% ownership by Imperial Oil. Karen defined the trusted strategic plan, helping us secure our budget with Senior Management. With 270,000 barrels/day of oil on the line, failure would have cost us billions. She got her hands dirty to go into the field and execute on the plan until we succeeded!

2. In our second project, we supported the largest mining operation of Cameco worth $400 Million dollars annually. Karen and I secured regulatory agencies trust and approval for licensing needed to safely continue our operations.

Karen’s greatest strengths were in her ability to leave no stone unturned to show due diligence for trusted research. Karen’s genuine care for the environment shows at every level!

She is passionate, and has an incredible ability to logically put together the trusted plan for Senior Management to easily approve projects. Extremely organized, I can always trust her management of a project.
— Director, Operations

Programs & Organizational Change

For a number of years, I have focused on sustainability and organizational change, transitioning an international company into a state of proactive environmental risk management and performance improvements. 


My career has taken me through various roles within the extractives industry, with a heavy focus on managing and executing projects involving the characterization tailings and mine wastes and plume migration, and mitigation of environmental risks and opportunities.